Building vs Renovating Your Home

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Looking to add an extra bedroom here or an office space there? Some people opt for a house renovation, not realising just how easy and inexpensive it can be to knock down and rebuild your luxury home instead.

At Myall Coast Homes in Newcastle, we have years of experience building new homes. We specialise in building custom homes designs that help you to achieve the dream home you’ve always wanted. Whatever your style, size or budget needs, we’re here to help you. We’re experts in knockdown rebuilds and conventional new homeconstruction, and we’re here to make your property dreams a reality.

Want to learn more about the benefits of building compared to renovations?

The Pros and the Cons

So, what are the differences between renovating and building your home?

  1. Renovating can result in unforeseen cost blowouts

Of course, both building and renovating a home can end up costing more than you expected. However, home renovations are often more prone to this because they are progressive and ongoing, often involving more work than initially predicted. When home renovations reveal hidden or undiscovered faults, these will need to be dealt with, too.

New constructions, on the other hand, aren’t hampered by the presence of previous building faults. Whether you’re knocking down and rebuilding or building on a fresh block of land, new builds deliver a property that matches your needs without straining the budget.

  1. Renovations come with a degree of uncertainty

Just like with costs, completion dates aren’t always as clear-cut in a renovation project. This can see you inconvenienced or even out of your home for much longer than projected. New builds generally come with the benefits of a locked-in price, contract completion dates and no compromise on your desired design. This makes new builds a much more enticing and reliable project.

At Myall Coast Homes, you can trust us to build your home according to our agreement. Whether it’s a knockdown rebuild or a completely new build, you will achieve the design that you desire when we’ve promised it!

  1. Get the Best from the Beginning

Renovations can do a lot for the quality of a property, but they can’t cost-effectively match the superior materials that new builds provide. When experts build new homes, they generally implement energy-efficient designs and higher quality materials. This means greater thermal performance, lower energy bills, and less maintenance compared to an established property. Enjoy a worry-free lifestyle for years to come!

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Are you moving upwards or growing outwards?

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